Criminal & civil liability for medical malpractice

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Compensation for medical malpractice
Most often do occur in the empirical reality cases of health damages, leading moreover as an occasional consequence to the passing of patient, which are caused by false medical diagnosis, remedy treatment, of technical nature process of operation. Such medical malpractice is established upon deviating from the scientifically acknowledged principles and the medically indicated functions treatment, operated from the attending doctors.  
The legal response to cases of medical malpractice is extended to the three law branches of legal liability.
Established is the civil liability foremost, that is, resulting to a monatery compensation for medical malpractice of the victim or the relatives in case of passing of the earlier.
In parallel, the negligent doctor is investigated regarding possible applicable charges of criminal law nature.
In addition, the rules of disciplinary liability are applied, imposed by the local medical association.
It should not be disregarded however that the proceeding before the courts is didtinguished for its time consuming, occasionally expensive nature, being that a reason for the demand of  a consistent, exceptionally diligent and legitimate legal representation.
The primary duty of the legal representative lies on evaluating the considerable or not amount of chances for a favourable outcome of a judicial pursue of compensation. As a source of the legal judgement ought the legal representative to depend on the whole of the relative evidence material, which is either already existing or to be collected and moreover in conjunction with all kinds of medical documents, either specifically to each individual case associated ones, or to the patient’s medical record referring ones without neglecting the necessary interview not only with the victim itself but, depending on each circumstance, with the relatives, even with the broad social environment.
In any case, the main concern of our law office lies on the satisfaction of the interests of the clients honouring us with their trust for a thorough processing of their case, as a fundamental mark of the reliability of the consistently by our office followed legal function.
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