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The International Law Firm of George E. Sotiropoulos & Partners in Athens, Greece provides complete legal services throughout the whole territory of Greece & Europe.

In particular:

The Law Firm attends all Greek national Courts, under all jurisdictions and instances, specifically Criminal as well as Civil and Administrative Courts, up to the Supreme Courts respectively.

Furthermore, the LawFirm attends the National Courts of the Member States of European Union as well as of selected third countries outside the E.U., in cases regarding the European Law as well as the International Law.
In cases regarding the national law of foreign states, the Law Office collaborates with accomplished Lawyers practicing in every respected State.

International Litigation, either based on Greek Courts or legislation or on foreign national or international law cases, as well as National Litigation, either within a foreign state or within Greece, constitute the main legal scope of the George Sotiropoulos’ Law Office.

The Law Firm also attends the Court of Justice of European Union (CJEU), namely the Court of Justice and the General Court, as well as the European Court of Human Rights.

As a distinctive LawFirm in Greece, provided are highly qualified judicial experience in applying law, upon criminal law, administrative law, private law in their national, Εuropean law and Ιnternational law perspectives.

Moreover, extrajudicial legal services, namely services applied mainly before the multiple forms of Administrative Bureaux,  are provided to foreign as well as to domestic citizens in Greece, such as, indicatively, “Golden Visa in Greece” program and various kinds of Residence Permits for Foreign Investors .

Lawyer in Athens, Greece George E. Sotiropoulos, M.D.Sc. is distinguished for his long year practical experience and legal doctrinal education in applying law as well as for being committed to the successful accomplishment of the established goal by the exhaustively analytical research of legal issues and the appropriate implementation in actual law cases.


law office greece europe

law office greece europe



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