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Supreme Courts’ Lawyer in Athens, Greece, M.D.Sc.

George E. Sotiropoulos

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George E. Sotiropoulos is a Greece’s Supreme Court’s Lawyer, having successfully been practicing as an attorney at law for over than 25 years, having been an expert attorney at law in the legal area of criminal law, both under the scope of Greek Law as well as that of European Law and International Law.

Furthermore, the Law Firm provides full legal services throughout the total legal spectre of Greek Law, European Law, International Law, in particular in commercial, civil and administrative law, as well as in criminal law.

S.E.G. LawFirm collaborates with lawoffices and firms around the world as well as with all kinds of experts, according to the demands of each individual case.

Guarantee is provided on the personal legal representation and handling of each individual case by Senior Supreme Courts’ Lawyer George Sotiropoulos.


G. E. Sotiropoulos serves as Attorney~at~Law to the National Bank of Greece, while he had similarly been legal adviser of Greek Social Insurance Organization of Freelance Professionals and Organization of Worker’s housing as well.

He has also been serving as an Associate Professor of Criminal Law Procedure at the Faculty of Police Officers of Greece.

He is granted with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law by the Law School of National University of Athens, being a Criminal Justice Doctoral Candidate at Law School of National University of Athens as well.

He is a member of the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association as well as of the Association of Greek Commercialists Union and the Athens Bar Association.

He fluently speaks English, along with German and French language.

lawyer greece attorney athens

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