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Golden Visa for foreign investors / Long term residence in Greece for investments

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Appeals & Representation before the European Court of Human Rights

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Direct appeals & Representation before the General Court & the Court of Justice of European Union

International Abduction / Kidnapping of  Children from parents related to Greece, Europe & Global.

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The extensive evolution of interpersonal and professional relationships among citizens and inhabitants of different states, being a typical element of the modern, vastly expanding universal environment, doesn’t avoid to administer the inherent to the human relations element, that of the occasionally abnormal development of theirs.
In case therefore of a breach of relations is where the legislation intervenes, in particular the international & european law, to the origin of each relation accordingly, that deriving namely from citizens either of whichever states or of states of European Union.
The competent for the resolve of the resulting legal disputes courts are frequently the national ones of each state themeselves, which apply either their own state’s law or foreigner law, relevant to each type of international relations or even the international law, as it is derived mainly from international or bilateral conventions among states and international organisations, as in regulative scripts of some of the latter as well.
The legal nature of the regulations of international law as well as of the european law, pertains to the substantive and procedural law regulations as well, namely the aforementiuoned rules intend to regulate the substance of the dispute aa well as the procedure to be followed by the competent courts.
Sectors of law, in its international & european dimension, which are activated for regulating the various legal cases or resolving the resultant disputes, indicatively are:
First and foremost, generally regarding any kind of case between opponent legal parties, the National, European or International Litigation leading to Dispute Resolution.
The international or european law of delicts, namely the law regarding the compensaton right of a victim of a negligent or intentional, detrimental act encompassing international nature. Typical cases are also herein the auto accidents among vehicles bearing foreign among each other signs; medical malfunction in foreign medical clinics or hospitals; damages resulting from trade transactions; accidents of any kind or deliberate acts occuring in foreign states.
The international & european law of contacts, namely the regulating the international trade & commercial in general transactions law.
The law of foreigners’ state, namely the regulating the terms for acquiring citizenship and nationality, as well as licence of residency and employment for citizens of foreign states. Main legal object herein is the issue of permission for residence to foreigner investor businessmen, as to their families as well.
The international & european family law, namely the law regulating the relations among the members of the family. Usual forms that the breach of relations herein takes are the divorce between married couples of different citizenship or nationality or afterwards residence. Not rare is the international children abduction by parents moreover, namely the unlawful removal of within marriage born children to the one’s parent’s origin state.
The international & european succession (inheritance) law, namely the regulating the disposition of the property of the deceased law, either according to the subjective element, that is the inheritors as persons who reside within the deceased’s state, or according to the objective element, that is the property itself, usually immovable property or monatery bank deposits, being located in foreign, in relation to the deceased, states.
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