Appeal to European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)



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Appeal to European Court of Human Rights

The S.E.G. Law Firm in Athens, Greece of George Sotiropoulos, Lawyer/Attorney at Law accredited to the Supreme Court of Greece, files appeals and attends before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding cases of violation against the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The George E. Sotiropoulos Law Firm in Athens, Greece quarantees an exceptional, typically admissable along with a substantially valid handling of the complicated process, by exhaustingly studying and examining the diverse legal issues and by applying the jurisprudence of the Court as well as the widely acceptable interpretation of the Convention.

The importance of an Appeal to European Court of Human Rights has during the last decade been becoming increasingly significant, as the Court’s positive judgement has been evolved from a once mostly moral reward of the claimant, resulting only to a minor symbolic financial reimbursement,  already to a ruling legally potential to force the national legal process system to reverse prior contrary judgements of the national courts, even of the supreme courts of the respective national legal systems, even within any jurisdiction, hence serving, where applicable, as an additional distance of judgement.

Consequently, of an imperative significance appears the demand of a thorough and comprehensive processing of all the composite procedural legal stages of such an Appeal to European Court of Human Rights, a service reliably provided by the Law Firm of George Sotiropoulos in Athens, Greece.

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