Golden Visa in Greece & E.U./Schengen Area – Residence Permit for Investors

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Golden Visa in Greece

Greece has established a long since successful Investment Immigration Program, appealing to the foreign investors as well as to their families including spouses, children and parents, which has been even more expanded since the middle of the year of 2019.  

In particular, although in order to get the “Residence Permit of the Investor”, commercially well known as “Golden Visa” for Greece, and consequently for all European Union & Schengen Area, a foreign investor used to have at his disposal as sole possibility a purchase of a house at a cost of at least € 250.000, which however still remains the most commonly preferred solution, there are  nevertheless already lawfully granted as additional alternatives for a foreigner investor in Greece, aiming for the Golden Visa, to select among various investment actions, all of which may sum up in sharing Greek Investment products such as bonds, capital shares, bank deposits, at a minimum height of an amount of € 400.000 or € 800.000 respectively.

The completion of the participation in this Immigration Investment Program of Golden Visa in Greece grants the foreigner participant, as well as the family members, with the beneficial right to hold a visa lasting for 5 years, renewable for as long as the foreigner investor continues to comply with the above terms. The holder of such a visa is granted to live anywhere within European Union and the rest of the Schengen Area countries.

The Law Office in Athens, Greece of Lawyer George E. Sotiropoulos proceeds every stage of the required legal actions towards effectively achieving the intended results of acquiring the Foreign Investor Residence Permit, alias Golden Visa Greece, on behalf of the investor as well as the family members.


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Golden Visa Greece Lawyer




Golden Visa Greece Lawyer


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