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International Litigation

As International Litigation or Transnational Litigation is a legal procedure called within the frame of which, diverse and opposite to each other individuals or enterprises, residing or seated respectfully in different countries, pursuit the judicial proceedings, namely filing civil lawsuits and complaints regulated by both national law as well as european law and private international law.

Out of such a distinctive legal condition emerge multiple significant legal matters to be addressed and solved, the most essential of which may be classified as below:

1) International Jurisdiction, which refer to the rules determining which country’s courts are the competent ones to judge upon a case under international aspects.

2) Internationally Applicable Law is the law which will be considered and applied by the court which during the previous stage of judicial preliminary judgement was found as enjoying international jurisdiction. This means that the national law of the court with the jurisdiction is not mandatorily the applicable one but, on the contrary, that applicable law might be the national law of another country or the law by International or Regional Treaties as well as of International Organizations such as the Regulations of European Union or even a combination of all these statutes.

3) Service of Judicial Documents refers to the process of transmitting to the opponent party documents related to the judicial or extrajudicial proceedings. The applicable law herein also depends on the particular case as it may derive from the International Treaties or Regulations of European Union or even, in rare cases, of the national law of individual countries. 

4) Obtaining Evidence is also a legal act which frequently requires the cooperation of the competent authorities of various countries and it is, therefore, often regulated either by International Treaties or E.U. Regulations.

5) Recognition and Enforcement of the Court’s Judgement indicates the legal proceeding through which the final judgement of the internationally competent Court will be accepted and integrated within the national legal system of another country as this result requires additional judicial proceedings within the other national judicial system concerned, either through a regular court trial or a typical issue of a court’s judgement when, in the latter case, a direct effect is lawfully granted to the respective to be integrated judgement, mainly in the context of a part of the European Union Law.   

6) Translation and Interpreters are required in the international law cases, the details of which are regulated either by international treaties or by the national applicable law.

All of the above legal issues are reliably and successfully handled by the competent and fully accomplished S.E.G. LAWFIRM of Lawyer George Sotiropoulos, seated in Athens, Greece, providing exceptional legal services in the respective field, especially dealing with international cases presenting any, even a minor one, relation of any kind with Greece.

international litigation Greece lawyer

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