Real Estate in Greece

Lawyer in Athens, Greece, M.D.Sc.

George E. Sotiropoulos

real estate greece mykonos


The Law Office in Athens, Greece by Lawyer George E. Sotiropoulos provides legal representation in every aspect of Real Estate in Greece, namely throughout the whole practical and legal stages of acquiring a real estate property.


Such property may vary from factory or business facilities like hotels to luxurious villas or apartments in Mykonos, Santorini, Athens or everywhere within the continental territory and islands of Greece.


A property purschase in Greece by a foreigner may, under certain terms, lead to the entitlement of a residence permit, particularly within the legal frame regarding foreign investors, the most common of which are the so called “Golden Visa”, Financially Independent Persons” and Strategic Investments”.


SEGLAWOFFICE provides Law, Legal and Judicial Services within Greece, Europen Union and Worldwide.

real estate greece mykonos

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